Today's equipment is hydraulics-intensive. So more and more, the decisions machine owners make about their equipment's hydraulics directly impact their bottom line.

Cat® Dealers work with hydraulics every day, and have the products, services and expertise to help machine owners make decisions to:


-> Achieve maximum component life

-> Extend oil change intervals

-> Keep the hydraulic system running at peak efficiency

-> Cut service costs and unplanned downtime

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Hose and Couplings


» Understand the convenience and quality assurance offered through hose assembly service.

» Cat® XT-3 ES & XT-6 ES hoses sets a new standard in hose performance.

» Cat's line of XT ES and Low/Medium pressure ToughGuard Hose provides increased resistance to abrasion.

» Save up to 30% by using Cat XT Hose Reusable Couplings.

Cylinders and Rods


» Learn how your dealership's service team is the smart choice for resealing hydraulic cylinders.

Pumps and Motors


» Learn about the benefits of hydraulic pump and motor services.



» 3PC Directional Control Valves

Seals and O-Rings


» There are many design advantages offered by Cat wiper, buffer, and U-cup seals. Learn more about these seals.

» Cat Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits are designed to provide the exact seals you need for your application.

» Cat O-rings are designed for maximum seal life in demanding applications.

System Management


» Understand how to maximize hydraulic system efficiency, machine performance and minimize your operating costs.

» Understand how your Cat dealer's hydraulic support help maintain your fleet.





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