Cat ® remanufactured parts from Barzem Equipment
Remanufacturing is the process of returning a product at the end of its life to same as "new" condition in a manufacturing environment. Cat parts are designed and manufactured to be rebuilt for a second life – reducing waste and minimising the need for raw materials to produce a brand new item.


Cat remanufactured parts offer:

-> Same as new warranty and quality
-> Fraction of new price
-> Lower owning and operating costs


As the Southern Africa Cat Dealer, Barzem Equipment stock a range of remanufactured parts from starters, alternators and injectors to turbochargers and generator ends.




Remanufacturing is the process of returning end-of-life products to the same condition as when that product was originally manufactured, in a manufacturing environment. Products are returned to the original "same-as-new" condition or sometimes better in terms of durability, life span and performance.



» Cat Reman 3054 Engine For Backhoe » Loader Applications.
» Cat Reman 3116 Competitive » Comparison.
» Cat Reman AST for Off-Highway Truck » Suspension & Hoist Cylinders.
» Cat Reman Compactor Wheels for 826 and 836 Landfill Compactors.
» Cat Reman Coverage for Earthmoving Equipment .
» Cat Reman Coverage for Hydraulic Excavators.
» Cat Reman Coverage for Large Wheel Loaders.
» Cat Reman Coverage for Mid-Size Wheel Loaders.
» Cat Reman Coverage for Track-Type Tractors.
» Cat Reman Cylinder Heads and Valves.
» Cat Reman Cylinder Packs.
» Cat Reman Drive Lines.
» Cat Reman Electronic Control Units.
» Cat Reman Engine Overhaul Kits with Reman Heads and Cylinder Packs.
» Cat Reman EPA '04 ACERT On-Highway Engines.
» Cat Reman Final Drives.
» Cat Reman General Construction.
» Cat Reman Hydraulic Components.
» Cat Reman Injector Products.
» Cat Reman On-Highway Engines and » Components.
» Cat Reman On-Highway Flywheels.
» Cat Reman On-Highway Truck Engines.
» Cat Reman Piston Packs.
» Cat Reman Products for Engines.
» Cat Reman Products for Truck Engines.
» » Cat Reman Short & Long Blocks.
» Cat Reman Starters and Alternators.
» Cat Reman Steering Clutch and Brake » Groups.
» Cat Reman Transmissions and Torque » Converters.
» Cat Reman Underground Mining.
» Cat Reman Water Pumps.



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