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Equipment management:

These days, equipment management matters more than ever. With fierce competition affecting our customers products and services, rising costs and other pressures, our customers margins are constantly being squeezed. By combining Caterpillar technologies and dealer services, we can effectively manage our customers fleets which will help reduce their operating costs, improve their operations and strengthen their bottom line.

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Customer Support Agreement:

In the past, a CSA was viewed simply as an arrangement between a Cat® Dealer and the customer that detailed equipment management and maintenance services to be provided. As technology has evolved, products and equipment have become easier to replicate, meaning the differences between a Cat® wheel loader and any other wheel loader, for example, are less obvious to customers. How do we then differentiate ourselves from the competition?

The services and support we provide customers are what truly differentiate us from the competition.

CSAs are a key part of our commitment to delivering quality and differentiated services to the market, increased opportunities for positive customer experiences and building stronger relationships.

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